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Funding Scarce For Training New Hires

President Barack Obama

June 24, 2011 Funding Scarce For Training New Hires John W. Schoen, There’s widespread consensus that millions of jobs go unfilled in the U.S. because employers can’t find skilled workers. But there’s less agreement on where the money will come from to train those jobless workers. Nobody, it seems, wants to pick up the tab. […]

Congress Chops Education Funding


March 5, 2011 Congress Chops Funding for High-Profile Education Programs Alyson Klein, Education Week   More than a dozen education programs—including high-profile efforts focused on literacy, teaching, and learning—are looking at the prospect of a permanent federal funding loss after they were chopped from a stopgap spending measure signed into law by President Barack Obama […]

Boehner Urges For School Vouchers


January 29, 2011 Brett Zongker, Huffington Post School Vouchers: John Boehner Pushes To Revive Program In DC As Model For National Reform WASHINGTON — GOP House Speaker John Boehner and independent Sen. Joe Lieberman introduced legislation Wednesday to revive a school voucher program for District of Columbia students nearly two years after Congress began phasing […]

Teens and Technology


Teens and Technology Predict a Better Future by 2015 Article from OneSeventeenMedia It is no doubt that teens gravitate to technology, and as far as young Americans are concerned, a greener future is coming soon. Powered by technology and fueled by creativity, fundamental change is about to emerge in the electronically connected world they inhabit. Gasoline-powered […]

MN Schools Becoming ‘Sweet-free Zones’


December 23, 2010 Taking candy from our babies Rick Moran The St. Paul, MN school system is about to adopt a most draconian rule; they are to be “sweet-free zones:” Debra LaBounty, president of the Minnesota School Nutrition Association, said she believes St. Paul is the only district in the state to institute such a […]

Parents At Fault For Failing Education?


December 10, 2010 Poll: Parents Blamed Most Often For Failing Education System By Donna Gordon Blankinship, AP SEATTLE (AP) — Blaming teachers for low test scores, poor graduation rates and the other ills of American schools has been popular lately, but a new survey wags a finger closer to home. An Associated Press-Stanford University Poll […]

A Lesson Every School Should Teach


On the first day of school in September 2005, with permission of the school superintendent, the principal, and the building supervisor, she had all of the desks taken out of the classroom.

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