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Funding Scarce For Training New Hires

President Barack Obama

June 24, 2011 Funding Scarce For Training New Hires John W. Schoen, There’s widespread consensus that millions of jobs go unfilled in the U.S. because employers can’t find skilled workers. But there’s less agreement on where the money will come from to train those jobless workers. Nobody, it seems, wants to pick up the tab. […]

A “Source” Says Rick Perry Is Running

TX Governor Rick Perry

June 24, 2011 A “Source” Says Rick Perry Is Running Robin M., Care2 News So, are we really going to see a Rick Perry presidential run?  Yes, if the Daily Beast and the Wall Street Journal are to be believed.  According to the Daily Beast, who cites the Wall Street Journal, an “an informed Republican source” […]

Water For The Homeless

Water For The Homeless

June 10, 2011 Water For The Homeless Bill Stamps, kuhf news With temperatures hovering around 100, one local group is reaching out to the homeless with water. Bill Stamps has more. The homeless can walk into a Houston shelter any time and get food, water and even a place to sleep. But when they’re out […]

Homeless Man Full of Hope

Homeless Man Full of Hope

June 17, 2011 Homeless Man Full of Hope Bill Stamps, kuhf news If you ran into Quinton Smith during one of the Star of Hope Chapel services, you’d probably think he was a minister. At 33-years old, Smith is younger than most of the other homeless men and doesn’t have the rough scars that come […]

Street Papers and Relationships


March 3, 2011 Street Papers and Relationships Debra Bendis, Christian Century I’m a big fan of street newspapers, and in particular of StreetWise in Chicago, one of 100 such newspapers in over 38 countries. From the vendor’s point of view: A homeless person can acquire pride and success–and a few dollars. Being a vendor empowers someone who […]

Congress Chops Education Funding


March 5, 2011 Congress Chops Funding for High-Profile Education Programs Alyson Klein, Education Week   More than a dozen education programs—including high-profile efforts focused on literacy, teaching, and learning—are looking at the prospect of a permanent federal funding loss after they were chopped from a stopgap spending measure signed into law by President Barack Obama […]

The Truth About Panhandling

Panhandling Via Mobile Loaves & Fishes Why panhandling?  Is it really profitable?  Or is there something going on in our society that compels people to humiliate themselves for spare change?  These are all provocative questions that researchers have attempted to answer in a variety of ways. Although the homeless population in any city or country […]

Feeding Houston’s Homeless


February 16, 2011 Peggy O’Hare, Houston Chronicle Houston recovery center finds dual benefit in feeding the homeless As soon as homeless people see the small sport utility vehicle, they start running — not away from the car, but toward it. They climb out of sleeping bags, leave their benches outside a soup kitchen, appear from behind abandoned buildings. […]

Obamacare Battle Begins

obamacare battle begins

February 12, 2011 The Supreme Court battle on ObamaCare has begun Matt Holzmann, American Thinker Seventy four Democratic Members of Congress led by noted moderate Anthony Weiner have sent a letter to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas demanding that he recuse himself from any case before the Court related to last year’s health care bill. […]

Gov. Perry to Chop 4 Texas Agencies


January 8, 2011 Rick Perry wants to chop 4 Texas agencies Governor set to make State of the State in Austin Jay Root, Associated Press AUSTIN — Gov. Rick Perry will ask the Legislature on Tuesday to indefinitely suspend funding for four Texas agencies and consolidate the functions of dozens more as part of a sweeping budget plan […]

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