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U.S. Official Sees Houston’s Green Side

Nancy Sutley

July 3, 2011 U.S. Official Sees Houston’s Green Side JEANNIE KEVER, Houston Chronicle Houston is often criticized on environmental issues. But Nancy Sutley, who chairs the White House Council on Environmental Quality, said she found lots of interest in sustainability during a visit here last week. Sutley spoke with reporter Jeannie Kever just before meeting […]

Enviro Group Sues Solar Energy Plant


January 17, 2011 Costly ‘green jobs’ solar plant sued by greenies Thomas Lifson, American Thinker A costly proposed solar power plant in Ivanpah, California, touted by President Obama as a “green jobs” initiative, is being sued by environmentalists. Nichola Groom of Reuters reports: According to court papers, the non-profit Western Watersheds Project alleged U.S. regulators […]

Polar Bears Not Endangered


December 23, 2010 Surprise! White House says Polar Bears not endangered Rick Moran One of the iconic images of global warming that is supposed to make us feel guilty enough to bankrupt our economy by giving in to various carbon schemes is that of the pathetic polar bear alone in the middle of the ocean […]

Edible Fracking Chemicals


December 15, 2010 Edible Fracking Chemicals Peter Wilson I share Ed Lasky’s concerns about environmentalists attempting to block the country’s access to what appears to be an enormous supply of American natural gas  (American Thinker, Cheap Natural Gas and its Enemies.)  Environmentalists have not yet met an energy source they like; even solar and wind […]

Coal-fired Electric Car


Another example of crony capitalism rolls off the assembly line. GM Volt is an electric hybrid that’s absurdly overpriced and woefully underperforms.

Google Invests In Several Wind Turbines

Offshore Wind Turbines

Google has just sealed a deal that will help bring clean, renewable energy to almost 2 million households The company is investing in the Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC), a plan to erect a 350-mile stretch of wind turbines 10 to 15 miles off the United States’ Atlantic coastline, where waters are relatively shallow. The AWC […]

Bill White Looks to Sun, Wind Energy For Texas


If elected governor, White promises to keep Texas the “energy capital of the world” by focusing on energy efficiency and renewable sources like wind and solar.

Dressing With a Conscience

Shihezi Cotton Farm

To meet our demand to buy cheap clothes, the price workers pay is often sweatshop conditions. But thanks to determined pioneers and concerned customers across the UK, there’s a growing number of ethical suppliers. Sarah Irving explores how easy it is to dress with a conscience. (1465 Words) – By Sarah Irving From Bangladesh to Mexico, […]

Homeless Houston

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