Code of Conduct

In order to become a Real Issues vendor, individuals must participate in a general orientation and training and agree to adhere to a basic set of rules and regulations designed to uphold the magazine’s reputation of safety, consistency, and fairness…

If you observe a vendor behaving in a disorderly or unprofessional manner, please notify us first by phone or email, before pursuing an alternative means. Your comfort and safety is among our highest priorities. Disciplinary action ranges from a verbal reprimand to suspension and termination. All vendors are required to wear a badge displaying their name, ID number, and photo. Please purchase magazines from badged vendors only… Thank you.


~ 1 ~

The suggested donation for a copy of Real Issues Magazine is $2. Vendors may accept any additional amount that a customer desires to pay, but under no circumstances is a vendor permitted to either up-charge or discount the cover price, or solicit involuntary tips.

~ 2 ~

Vendors agree not to sell any other goods, products, or services while distributing Real Issues Magazine or representing the Real Issues organization.

~ 3 ~

Vendors shall not sell Real Issues Magazine or represent the Real Issues organization while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. This includes the display of any Real Issues clothing or paraphernalia advertising the company logo. Furthermore, while under the influence of any substance, vendors shall refrain from entering onto any property at which Real Issues distributes the magazine or conducts business.

~ 4 ~

Vendors shall not trespass on private property or distribute magazines at any location where it is not lawful to do so. If someone complains about a vendor’s presence or activity, that vendor may attempt to educate that person in a professional manner about their rights as a news vendor and the mission of Real Issues. However, if such concerns are not satisfied, vendors are instructed to promptly move on and direct those individuals to contact the Vendor Services Coordinator @ ###-####.

~ 5 ~

It is understood that, in most cases, there are no set territories among vendors, and sales locations are qualified on a first-come, first-serve basis. Vendors shall respect the space of other vendors and remain one linear block away from each other when engaged in selling the magazine. Territories may be earned by meeting certain sales goals each month. If a vendor is selling at another vendors’s official territory while they are absent, such vendor shall move on in the event that person arrives.

~ 6 ~

Acts of violence toward the community, public property, or a member of the Real Issues organization, including volunteers and other vendors, will lead to a permanent injunction from selling the magazine. Any disputes should be brought to the attention of Real Issues staff for a resolution of such conflicts.

~ 7 ~

Vendors agree to treat all others (customers, staff, fellow vendors, and the general public) respectfully, and will not harass, pressure, or engage in aggressive sales techniques with customers.

~ 8 ~

Vendors agree to only purchase magazines from Real Issues staff and to not sell magazines to other vendors.

~ 9 ~

Vendors shall not wear clothing that may mislead customers – or provide advertising that could suggest to customers – that they work for, or represent, another organization.

~ 10 ~

It is understood that vendors are not employed by Real Issues, nor will they be compensated for magazines which they neglect to sell. Therefore, vendors are responsible for their own income and management of their finances.

~ 11 ~

It is understood that vendor badges, signs, and official vendor gear (bags, aprons, shirts, etc.) are the property of Real Issues and vendors shall not deface, alter, or discard these items without permission from a staff member. Vendors must present their badge when purchasing magazines and display their badge in plain view whenever selling magazines. There shall be a replacement fee charged to each vendor in the accidental loss or theft of any badges or vendor gear.

~ 12 ~

Vendors shall uphold the mission of Real Issues by educating the general public about the realities of poverty in the community while taking pride in their personal accomplishments through a commitment to the core values of the magazine.

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