What Is Happening To My Country?

December 9, 2010

By Phil Marsh
From Letters to the Editor

Sometimes, like many folks I’m sure, I look at my daughter, now 6, and wonder: what will the world be like when she’s my age? What will life be like in the United States? What wonders which I could only imagine will she live to see?

Increasingly, I’m disturbed by the uneasy feeling that I have to prepare her for a life of hardship. Considering what has transpired in this country and the world at large since 9/11, I have never been more worried, never more concerned, never more afraid for her future than at this point in time. The world has always been a dangerous place, and just being alive involves risks – but this country appears to be on a fast track to hell and getting closer to that destination every day.

I will try and tell her and teach her over time of the world and United States I once knew, in the hopes that knowledge will not die out with me. Perhaps others of my generation will do the same. I want her to understand what things were like when the world was simple – there were two superpowers, each could obliterate the other, and everyone else toed the line. I want her to understand that I knew what it was like to say a prayer in the morning in public school. I want her to understand that being single and pregnant used to be frowned upon, not rewarded with the WIC program and food stamps at the grocery store. I want her to understand that men used to be men, unafraid to take that Yankee attitude with them into the world every day and never bothering about political correctness. I want her to understand that once upon a time people paid respects to fallen soldiers, and protesting outside their funerals in earshot of the grieving family would have been unthinkable.

I want her to understand these things because they have already changed, but I fear the changes yet to come. How do I prepare her for an America I’ve never experienced? We stand today on the edge of potentially catastrophic disaster. One false move at the wrong time by the wrong folks and we could find our economy in collapse, or in yet another major war we have tried hard to avoid for over 60 years.

I would like to remain positive and think that things will all turn out OK in the end, but we are lead by leaders who appear determined to drive us over that proverbial cliff and leave us in a position from which it would be very difficult to become prosperous and powerful again. Our liberties have been gradually chipped away, bit by bit, for the last forty years, by that liberal progressive ideology that it’s perfectly fine for government to be involved in every aspect of your life and behavior. The mere fear of worldwide financial collapse could actually bring such a thing about, with consequences no one in my generation has ever experienced.

What is happening to my country? How, in less than 30 years, did it become not OK to fly the American flag on your front porch? How, in less than 30 years, did we go from everyone speaking English to having¬† Dora teach our youngsters how to speak Spanish before they even understand the basics of English grammar? How, in less than 30 years, did we go from being proud to be an American, whatever our mistakes, to apologizing to nations less strong, less prosperous for the sins of generations past? America’s sins, whatever they may be, pale in comparison to the sins of Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao and the rape of Nanking.

What is happening to my country? Why is it disappearing into a collection of selfish, unmotivated interest groups who care not a whit about helping their neighbor but only care how much they can take of their feed from the government trough? What is happening to my daughter’s country? Will it still be a country, free and independent, in her old age? Will she still be free in her old age?

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