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Teens and Technology


Teens and Technology Predict a Better Future by 2015 Article from OneSeventeenMedia It is no doubt that teens gravitate to technology, and as far as young Americans are concerned, a greener future is coming soon. Powered by technology and fueled by creativity, fundamental change is about to emerge in the electronically connected world they inhabit. Gasoline-powered […]

Is Governor Perry Out For 2012?


December 26, 2010 Is Governor Perry out for 2012? Rick Moran Despite his protestations, it sounds like a “definite maybe:” Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) said Friday that the Republican Governors Association has already been meeting with the incoming Speaker of the House about turning authority back toward the states.“John Boehner totally gets it,” Perry […]

Full Pay & Benefits For Molester Teach


December 27, 2010 13 Years in the ‘rubber room’ with full pay and benefits Phil Boehmke In the financially challenged New York public school system hundreds of teachers punch the time clock and report to their assigned room every day where they sit around and wait until it is time to go home. That may […]

Bailed Out Banks In Trouble


December 28, 2010 Some bailed out banks in trouble again Rick Moran Some of the banks that received federal TARP funds show signs of going under, despite the government promising tax payers that the cash would only be directed towards healthy institutions. Wall Street Journal: Nearly 100 U.S. banks that got bailout funds from the […]

Report: Doctors Quit On Obamacare

Megyn Kelly reported that a new study finds that 74% of doctors say they will quit, retire or go part time if Obamacare stands. She discussed the report with Dr. Marc Siegel. Dr. Siegel recommends asking your doctor what his or her plans are. He also said we can end up seeing a lot more […]

9/11 Health Care Bill


December 25, 2010 9/11 Health Care Bill: Compassion admirable, but future bills demand scrutiny Nancy Thorner The Lame-Duck session of the 111th Congress was anything but lame as Congress was able to pass several major pieces of legislature before its adjournment. In its wrap up session on Wednesday, December 22, the lame-duck Congress approved a nuclear arms treaty […]

Polar Bears Not Endangered


December 23, 2010 Surprise! White House says Polar Bears not endangered Rick Moran One of the iconic images of global warming that is supposed to make us feel guilty enough to bankrupt our economy by giving in to various carbon schemes is that of the pathetic polar bear alone in the middle of the ocean […]

U.S. Companies In Business With Iran


December 24, 2010 Loophole allows American businesses to sell to Iran Rick Moran It doesn’t appear we’re selling the mullahs anything they could use to build the bomb, but by selling this stuff to Iran, we are alleviating some of the bite of the sanctions – sanctions that are already weak: At the behest of […]

MN Schools Becoming ‘Sweet-free Zones’


December 23, 2010 Taking candy from our babies Rick Moran The St. Paul, MN school system is about to adopt a most draconian rule; they are to be “sweet-free zones:” Debra LaBounty, president of the Minnesota School Nutrition Association, said she believes St. Paul is the only district in the state to institute such a […]

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