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Oil Companies Moving Forward From Spill

Oil Rig

Major oil companies are wasting no time in trying to get back to work in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. On Monday, Chevron Corp. confirmed it is in the process of filing what could be the first drilling permit application since the Interior Department lifted a temporary ban on drilling in the […]

Mexico: College Student Appointed Police Chief

Mexico: College Student Appointed Police Chief

Marisol Valles Garcia, a young woman named police chief of a Mexican border town gripped by drug violence, is garnering attention and promising a new approach. Some headlines are hailing her as the bravest woman in Mexico, others call her “foolhardy.”  Marisol Valles Garcia, all of 20 years old, says she’s just tired of everyone […]

Touchscreen Voting Machines Alleged Defective

Touchscreen Voting Machine

Programming Flaw Favors Votes For Democrats RALEIGH — The chairman of the N.C. Republican Party alleged Thursday that a programing flaw with touchscreen voting machines used for early voting in 36 counties is causing votes intended for GOP candidates to be counted for Democrats. Tom Fetzer, the Republican chairman, said that if the State Board of […]

Big Political Spenders Can Stay Under The Radar

Political Spending

Independent groups setting up nonprofits here and across the U.S. By BRADLEY OLSON HOUSTON CHRONICLE Two local political advocacy groups pushing very different agendas have organized as nonprofits under the tax code, part of a new national trend in politics in which corporations and the wealthy can spend big in election season under the cloak […]


Nickel And Dimed

NICKEL AND DIMED On (Not) Getting By In America Author: Barbara Ehrenreich Publisher: Metropolitan Books, 224 pp. ISBN: 0-8050-6389-7 Date: 2002 The idea for this book evolved from a lunch meeting with Lewis Lapham, editor of Harper’s during a discussion of future articles. The conversation had drifted to poverty and welfare reform, which, at the […]


Catching Out

CATCHING OUT The Secret World of Day Laborers For a year, journalist Dick Reavis reported to a labor hall each morning hoping to “catch out,” or get job assignments. ‘Catching Out’ describes Reavis’s job at a factory, as a construction and demolition worker, landscaper, road crew flagman, auto-auction driver and warehouseman, and several days spent […]


In The River They Swim

IN THE RIVER THEY SWIM Essays From Around The World On Enterprise Solutions To Poverty In the era of total global competition for scarce resources, where ethnic groups are at war and the rich are getting richer, where values are being tested and transformed faster than we may reflect upon them, enterprise and technology solutions […]

Google Invests In Several Wind Turbines

Offshore Wind Turbines

Google has just sealed a deal that will help bring clean, renewable energy to almost 2 million households The company is investing in the Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC), a plan to erect a 350-mile stretch of wind turbines 10 to 15 miles off the United States’ Atlantic coastline, where waters are relatively shallow. The AWC […]

One-Child Policy Forces Abortions In China

Luo Yan Qua/Xiao Ai Ying

The one-child policy in China leads to an estimated 13 million known abortions annually, and many of these are performed on orders given by family planning officials

Mexican Army Battles Drug Gangs

Mexican military personnel

Al Jazeera accompanies military personnel as they struggle to fight cartels amid escalating drug war In the northern Mexican city of Reynosa, government soldiers have found themselves caught in the middle of a turf war between two rival drug gangs. The city has been totally infiltrated by drug gangs – and the military is finding […]

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